The final exam also consists of a discussion, in English, of the project presented by the student for this purpose and written in English.
The Evaluation Committee for the final test is composed of five professors and is appointed by the Director of the Department, upon proposal of the Coordinator of the Course, according to the Course Regulations (Art. 11-Final exam).

The credits attributed to the final examination are 18CFU, out of the total of 120 CFU issued by the Course.

The parameters for the evaluation of the final exam will take into consideration:

– Knowledge of the bibliography relevant to the topic of the thesis;
– The clear definition of the objectives that the work intends to achieve;
– Knowledge of the applied survey methodology, consistent with the objectives;
– The feasibility of the project;
– The potential effects foreseen within the context to which the project is aimed, in cultural, social and territorial terms.

The parameters for defining the final grade are established in accordance with the Course Regulations.