Admission Requirements

For admission to the Course, the student is required, according to the Course Regulations (Art. 6-Admission to the Course):

  • Curriculum of University studies, with certification of the exams taken;
  • A certificate of knowledge of the English language, adapted to parameter B2.

There is a check on the student’s possession of the requisites and an assessment of the initial preparation of the student. An adequate initial preparation involves the possession of skills in the knowledge of forms and methods of conservation and enhancement of the historical, artistic, territorial and economic-productive heritage; fundamentals of computer knowledge; personal preparation in the social sciences. The assessment of linguistic knowledge of English is adequate for parameter B2.

The verification of the curricular requirements and the adequacy of the initial preparation are evaluated through an Interview held by a dedicated Commission, appointed by the Department Director and composed of professors competent in the scientific-disciplinary sectors of reference for the course of study.

Students from the following degrees are certified B2:

  • LM49 Planning and Management of Tourist Systems (Progettazione e Gestione dei Sistemi Turistici)
  • L11 Languages ​​in the Information Society (Lingue nella Società dell’Informazione)
  • L11 Modern Languages ​​and Literatures (Lingue e Letterature Moderne)
  • LM37 European and American Languages ​​and Literature (Lingue e Letterature Europee e Americane)
  • Students who have earned 12 CFU in English in the LM49 course
  • Students in possession of certification issued by Institutes accredited by MIUR (Trinity, Cambridge, etc…

Those who are not in possession of the B2 certification must obtain it, during the 1st academic year:

  • through the CLA, the recognition of the B2 level (6CFU)
  • autonomously at institutes accredited by MIUR

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